Thursday, April 27, 2006

Record Work!!!

"OOf!!! Kitna kam karne ko denge yar!!" So much work to do... Job results, print outs, binding and on and on.... Our bioinformatics lab is buzzing with all students from 2nd years to M-tech students... You cannot find one system to work on.. Had to bunk classes to complete the record works. Donno wat to do.. Even right now i'm waiting for my job result i.e., my exercise result.

One thing learnt strongly..."NO PROCRASTINATION HEREAFTER!!!"

Will blog later.. Gotta finish my work.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

First blog!!!

I was at home that time in my III sem holidays, sometime around 20th december 2005... Felt very bored.. Tired of all the computer games, of the non-stop nonsense of TV programmes and evrything... Just wanted a change... Then i switched on my comp and started typing my thoughts abt life and all...(will put that up too once i go home). When my brother, nirupesh who's also a blogger here, came down home after a few days i showed it to him... After readin he jus said "y don u start blogging?"...

That's wen the idea came into my mind but then i jus brushed the thought off my mind... Now sittin in my lab, yes i'm in college in my 4rth sem, and reading my bro's blogs, i jus thought "Y don u give it a try?"...

And so i'm here.... Think will blog again very soon, may be even today evening in the hostel...