Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SHOTS - A Series of shorts - World Hunger

A good mentor of mine told me once - why don't you use your interests more to the benefit of your beliefs/philosophies/principles? 
I couldn't tell him this at the time because I was afraid of admitting this even to myself but I doubt if I can contribute to any of these "causes" that have me going anytime!! 
It is a question of doubt in myself and my faith!

So a small attempt towards testing it... 
The inspiration was a few two liner stories I read that someone forwarded on whatsapp. 

Story 1:
Her own lines - about people needing to be responsible for the quantity of the food they make or order - from her award winning journal article on World hunger flashed through her head. 
The very reason why she came to this favourite "inexpensive but partly non profit" food haunt of hers that served great quality food - apt for her celebration she had thought! 
She had almost chastised herself into not feeling proud of the fact that she did not choose any of the flash restaurants her Mentor had suggested to go - just for today - while she politely refused that that would be so hypocritical of her if she did go! 
She had instead chosen to dine quietly by herself in her favourite food haunt, rejoicing at her first victory and hoping to give her full at the internship she just won, to work for that very cause.
Not 15 mins after, ashamed of herself, her eyes brimmed with tears while she constantly whispered what she knew to be useless "Sorry" to the scores of hungry people old and young across the world that would not hear or be able to respond to that anyway. 
But she still counldn't bring herself to pick up that whole serving spoon of her favourite food that the new waiter mistakenly dropped on the floor while serving and was now looking at her expecting her to get him fired on his probable first day at work! 
Story 2:
She was pensieve more than upset. After so many years of experience she had grown numb to emotional shock and impact that might come with watching an infant as young as that pass away for lack of nutrition, not a sip of water or mother's milk! 
The world was indeed cruel and it hadn't changed in her 15 years of practice.  Her ability to respond more than react helped her cope with this kind of environment that she chose to work for. 
Her train of thought was dirupted when her son walking in - sweaty from playing to his heart's content all morning, on his last day of school holidays this season - and going for a glass of water dipping two of his fingers in to hold it right. He was still young, she knew.
But she couldn't stop from reacting to "that" and did not pause to think while draining that almost perfectly drinkable glass of water down the sink and feeding him a fresh glass to avoid him touching it. 
She did not know if she felt ashamed or angry or disappointed in herself and unfair world she lived in while mumbling a word of prayer for that infant soul!
Note: I'll try to shorten them in the ones to come.  I will switch "causes" but want to continue a series on world hunger.
But some interesting apps I came across are: 
Share The Meal - WHO
MOHAN Foundation - EDonor App
I am yet to explore these in full so more on them later.

Monday, November 23, 2015

SHOTS - Birthday!


She woke up to a mailbox full of birthday wishes...
Her shopping site memberships had gained her several families...
Well...That was the only kind of family she knew...


Her phone calendar woke her up on an alarm that sang happy birthday to her... 
Her Facebook aquantancies promptly responded to their own synchronised calendars and wished her well.
Strangers called her dear and liked her birthday morning selfie...
She was alone and not only in the house...


She walked out shy and slow to take a peek.  She could see what she was promised on her 15th Birthday!
Her fear came true to see Madam smiling at her conspiratorially when she walked out and an even harder glint to the man's eyes...
It was going to be no different this year then...Unless worse! She sighed and unconsciously reached to touch the almost invisible bruises on her body...

Note: All the love and wishes I received on my birthday and do every year, is something I take for granted!

While scores of people around the world suffer and birthday is just another bad day!


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oh get lost! But take my love with you!

Oh get lost!
But take my love with you!

when you walk all over me and leave me on the floor
I hate you from my heart, from inside my soul.
All that anger flowing and drowning me foul.

And that's when I lose it and let you go through the door
Oh go to hell!
And there trotts my heart, with a wagging tail...

That's when I decide to drown deeper but with my heart gone...
And the burden of my love for you following you out...
Leaves me so light that I float back right up...
The bouyancy of this ironic life...

And again my zombie mind shouts...
Oh get lost!
And still there goes...my life and love with you...!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Just some thoughts

Sometimes we won't understand if someone spoke to us this way because there are a myriad of other things in play when we speak to one another such as our facial expressions, tones, body language etc., that only add fuel to fire or makes things go on an unnecessary and/or damaging tangent.

When written down there is only our own assumptions of tone so we can pause to think about if they truly meant it that way! 

So I hope everyone reading this takes a minute to review themselves and also pause before they think or speak next time.

People are so often so full of judgement and prejudices but do not pause to even consider the possibility of being so.

Sometimes they are so naive about it that it baffles the hell out of me as to how they can assume such things and be unaware of the fact that they are only "assuming" and it is not the truth.

Other times they are so adamant or arrogant about it or at the very least confident about their assumed facts that I am left amused and angry at the same time.

Get out of your heads people and pause before you speak or act!! Really!!

The other thing I find annoying is the fact that people can't let their younger ones make their own mistakes and learn.

They must "correct/help" them... But please! The best parent is the one that stays around, watches you make mistakes & learn from those but doesn't say "I told you so"!

The one that gives a pat on the back and says I learnt it the hard way too, you are only so much stronger for it now! 

Of course it all comes down to individuals but most mature young ones expect this treatment and the more you treat them this way from earlier on, the more they learn to be on their own and evolve to learn from their mistakes, isn't it?

Young people need others to have faith and confidence in them!  Give them that and they will be thankful to you for it forever.

I am learning of such mistakes I made myself too - of assumptions, judgement and handholding - that I did to a lot of people that had the misfortune of being "under" me or "younger" than me, and I just want to say sorry for being an ASS :)