Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Female Infanticide...

A few days ago I read an article in the Newspaper talking about the problem of Female Infanticide still being heavily prevelant in many places and even having been seen to have had a rise in a few states(the statistics were given in the article). In the various means to eradicate this it mentioned equal property distribution as one, which has been an ongoing problem in itself as only a few states have made "Equal Right to Property" laws. Then it struck me, in INDIA, a country known for its familyhood, closeknit society, culture and sentiments with its tales and epics talking abt how a mother/child sacrfices everything for the other, we are talking abt materialistic wealth to stop a mother/father/relative from killing their own newborn child....!!!

Then i thought, since "money to bring them up, money to educate them, money to get them married" are the basic reasons for female infanticide in almost all cases, obviously, i can't talk sentiments.... For that matter all the problems that we women in India face should not be if we are going to talk sentimemts isn't it?... Neway jus a thought...!

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Life doesn't seem to be the same at all times... like us. Different situations kindling the different personalities inside us, each having one strong line of emotion- the force, the energy that changes the whole environment, everything around us, people, their views, and hence our reaction to them, that, an emotion again. "Strange" is the word that comes to my mind when I realize the above. Strange but how true…

Now, as I read the above after 3 months or more from my writing it, I can see that I have come really a lot far away from my innocent childhood, ambiguous adolescence to the little matured late teens.

How life and time play a tricky game, making us passionate, pleasing, making us expect, joyous, disappointed, displeasing and teaching us all the way through... Though the civilized mankind has understood all this (or that is what it thinks!!), developing special fields for it called philosophy etc., the truth remains that "the very wise mankind" is still a student, learning the lessons of life, a different one each time and a different one to each person, making it impossible to make an index for the chapters learnt.

Yew!! I seem to be talking big things; I am just 18!

That was 3 years ago. That was the first ever blog i wrote, the one i spoke abt in the "first blog". Its been a real long time since i blogged. Thought i wud start anew with a flashback...!! ;p