Thursday, January 14, 2010

the traffic... the panic...

I was standing at the crossroads looking to my right at the approaching vehicles and to my left, the traffic signal, awaiting it to turn red, so that I could cross to the other side of the road along with the few others beside me. But when I looked to my left I had to take a second look at the signal, for it was blank. I was not sure of the technicalities of the working of a traffic signal nor do I ride a two wheeler (my wicked alter ego: “snort nor drive a car of course, you don’t even know to ride a two wheeler apart from a bicycle”) so was not sure if it was normal for it to go blank for a sec or two, for the other pedestrians seemed to be unruffled by this.

I kept looking around. I had a sudden fear that one of two things would eventually happen, either the vehicles open to go, will keep going without realizing and/or the other vehicles would also move, and there would be an accident, a huge traffic jam and at the end of it all, I will either be an accident victim or be stuck up at the spot till all the chaos clears. When all this was running on my mind, I was parallely looking around to check the other signals and found to my further dismay that even they, weren’t working. Now all the funny stupid mocking self that always seems to show up when the mind is presented with a disturbing situation, just to ease out of it probably, suddenly stopped in its track. I was missing something. The traffic was moving all right, there was no chaos and to add to my confusion the vehicle flow in the direction that were on, stopped to let us, the pedestrians, cross as well as the other vehicles move. Now I looked around to check all the traffic signals, they were still blank. After having crossed I paused and looked around. Then I saw, much to the consolation of my reasoning ability, reassuring that I had not slipped into a bizzare dream in a stupor at the signal or even worse slept off standing at the zebra crossing and had had a night mare, there was the traffic cop... ;P

PS:  I know, I know, when you read it, it feels like a long time before I realized what was going on but try putting on the thought stream that flows in your mind in a space of 2 short minutes and see for yourself.  ;P

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