Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Truths about life as a Gen-Y

Disclaimer:  All opinions expressed here are my own.  You are not obliged to agree with any of these.  Do not post hateful comments either.
Thanks to Aruna Narayanan for making me feel good by clarifying that we were Gen Y and not Gen X.
The most overrated in life as a Gen Y

30 years of age ---

30 is not a deadline (not any other age for that matter).

With my vicious 30 in the vicinity, I too am confronting the great fear.


Your metabolism, physiology and all other things that keep you in 'Young & Growing' probably changed a decade ago so don't even bother!

Wear it with pride, after all age is just a number...No!?

Sex ---

It is not as big a deal as one is led to believe.
Legal Adults - Check
Consensual - Check (also involves not being intoxicated while making the decision).
Protection - Check
Then it’s good to go.
Even to write this I am right now overcoming a mental battle against it but I know this what I have said is correct.
Unique ---
"Everyone is uniform in their aspiration to be unique and the fact they already are unique as with the rules of a multidimensional universe".
                                             ---Ujwala B Joshi   ;)
Social Media ---
Not being a social media omnipresence does not mean you are a recluse. 
Understand the objectives of being a part of each and pick and choose.  Get over it, move on!
Shape and size ---
Honestly!  It doesn't matter because you are Unique ;)
I am not talking about fitness here or health.  
Yes, I did have to think carefully to choose which  of these almost synonyms that I am to undermine the hyoe of, if at all it is.
Fashion ---
It is so subjective (it is a long list so I am leaving it for you to think about what is it subject to or subjective of) that it shouldn't be so uniformly hyped.
Caste and Religion ---
Choose to believe what you may. 
Debating about it is a waste of time.
Proliferation ---
Don't do it unless YOU/YOURS and ONLY YOU/YOURS want to.
IQ/GeekDom ---

Though these are truly two different things, people seem to think of them as synonymous and everyone wants to be one! 

Everyone of us is either truly one - in a subject of our interest - 

and pretending to be one - in common subjects of interest -

while also pretending not to be one when we truly are - if the subject of our choosing is not quite platable to the crowd we are in.

Sexual Orientation --- 
It's always been there, either accepted openly or practiced secretly.   It always will be.  
As long as it is as per Sex above it should be good to go.
The most underrated or valued in life as a Gen Y
Water ---
Conserve Period
Green Earth/Renewable resources ---
Educate yourself if you disagree or die trying.  There is no alternate reality.
Survival Skills ---
Learn to DIY as much as you can. 
Learn to survive.  For WINTER IS COMING…. ;) :P


anandi said...

I think you missed out on the most important point - Passion. A life without passion is a body without soul. Your assessment of Gen Y is accurate but crude. Life is an equation built over many different variables. Gen Y has lost track of those variables.

Hell yeah! Winter is coming! But it won't last forever.

Ujwala Joshi said...

@Anandhi - actually right. Passion... But you know what I think that is overrated too. I mean for the normal and the mundane if you are to torture yourself about not following your passion life will be a very hard journey... Just learn to enjoy what you do if you couldn't pursue what you thought your passion was when you were 20... or 15... or 35... Really its just one life... Not everyone can let go and run behind what they think or is may be truly their passion. Isn't it?