Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Nayanthara Mattrum Samantha

I am not big on movie reviews and probably have written not more than one.  And technically this is not a movie review but rather a discussion of certain movies or certain aspects of Tamil cinema that I have enjoyed recently.

Dark humour has been around in Tamil cinema for quite a long time though it used to be far apart and  far less frequent.

I think it started with the Venkat Prabhu and Co., that Tamil Cinema welcomed this genre back into its folds once again leaving the audience pleased and heavily entertained.

Chennai 28, Goa, Saroja - etc from this crew especially - I believe trained us well enough to be able to appreciate new comer spectaculars such as Soothu Kauvvum, Neram, Jigardanda, Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanam.

I love this new category of Tamil Cinema with its fresh bunch of actors, musicians and artists of all cadre.

Now add to this list the recent Naanum Rowdy Than.  Let me stop you right there if you started to object that this is not to be compared in terms of script or plot strength to the other ones listed above.  I totally agree on that.

But what I loved about this movie is - I never thought I would say that but - Nayanthara's acting!  I think I started enjoying her "style" from "Boss engira baskaran" but it was mild and barely there.

I did not like her - may be the script's particularly the dialogue's fault - in Raja Rani.

But in NRD, she has definitely done a commendable job.  Again there are script hiccups in this one too.

Despite being yet another DUMB HEROINE FALLS IN LOVE routine with the only character strength being her deafness, I think the movie is enjoying its success hugely thanks to Nayanthara's acting and dialogue delivery - not sure if she has used her voice in any movies before but it suited the role perfectly.

Moving away from Dark Humour and going to a what's called a MASS ENTERTAINER which I have nothing good to say about most times, is the movie "10 ennrathukulla".

Nothing great about the movie at all, if you were expecting me to say such things...   It was as awful as you would have guessed.  Once again SAMANTHA here has pulled off the DUMB HEROINE character very well.  For a change I was not watching just Vikram in a Vikram movie which is saying a lot for me.  And you could clearly see the variety if you compared this to her own another DUMB HEROINE performance in anjaan!!

*SPOILER ALERT*  I must say I did NOT enjoy her transformation and "mannerism" for her role 2 in this movie.

So, just wanted to say, good job ladies...!

Disclaimer: Given that I do not follow movies or actors/artists closely enough, I may miss details or other good works of theirs, please forgive me if you are a hard core fan or enthusiast.   This is purely based on my observations limited to the movies I have watched and enjoyed.

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