Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Goin to chennai....!!!

I'm so happy... My father today actually gave his nod for me to go to chennai this time during the 5 days hols comin up in August.... V r a big group of friends planning to go...

I've always wanned to go somewhere with friends, hang around, freak out have fun and all... I'm actually gonna do that this time... I've been givin no for an answer for a long time now to all my friends, whenever they called me to their places... I'm happy I'm finally goin...

Plannin to go to the beach, MGM, shop around and hav good NV which I won get to eat otherwise:-)

Thanks dad.....!!! "kash mera bhi koi bf hota" ;-)

1 comment:

abi said...

hi again..
agar bf chahiye to try karne ko mangta hai..