Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beware! Boss is online too! :P

I put this up on my gmail status yesterday while online from office:

Ma first post at TrendStash:

and then updated it to also have:

 and Damn these Tubelights...!:

for I had just completed my almost-complete post at the blogspot while my server (the one on which I was supposed to work and copy files from - slow as a turtle job I tell you) was taking its own sweet aeons to load.

I had slackened on the usual cautiousness I exercise while using office network.  And tang bang!!! there is a ping from ma boss:

boss: do you have any tasks for the day ...or are you busy in writing blogs?

shoot shoot shoot! damn it!  irundalum, no salt whatsoever - so vizhundalum meesaila mannu ottalanu (ppl pls don dare to crack tat u don hav a mustache PJ again in my comments section pls... !!! *roll my eyes*) I said:

me: the server is slow to open, so using the time in betn to complete the blog I had almost completed yesterday.  The other one is an article i updated in the non office hours

(Russel Peter style) Hey man, I am so cool eh, so gutsy eh? lol... lol... Jack a** -  in my head

boss: hmm you write blogs ...can you help me completing two of my pending document then ?

ROTFL..... did one yesterday... more to come in the coming weeks, the "documents"... lol...

So, Note to self:  Beware! Boss is online too!



Deeps said...


ujwala said...

lol... thnx for ur well, err...kind words... :D :D

vrraghy said...

naa annikke sonnen...
"office-lerndhu chat pannaadhe"-nu...
sonna pecha kekkalanaa ippadi dhaan...! :)

arun said...

hopeless female!!!! atleast u blog, i sit n rot at office!!!