Saturday, February 13, 2010

Primate army of the great mythological figure and the Pencil Vs Fountain Pen in the relative lesser gravity of the moon... Now what's the Point?

I was just reading the news about our "Primate army of the great mythological figure that has resurfaced" and that again their leader seems to have a gaping hole in his logic and action.

Earlier a couple of eons back, (According to the Hindu mythological calender) he wanted to check if his wife had slept with this guy - forcefully or not - who had kidnapped her.

This time the Army are behind every girl and guy moral policing.

So back to the point as I was thinking about this I started to analyze the technology options, from what's available and what I am aware of, as to how they would have tested her in the Treta Yug.

1) It is not a simple virginity test.
2) They gotta check the semen sample and see if they match?
3) But not necessarily, semen sample would be available, nor would the Enemy concede for such a test.
4) So they have got a way of testing where they don't need semen samples or genetic proofs.  Hmm...!?

Sounded complicated.

Note:  I almost believe in a different versions (or a similar one here) of God and Mythology (More on it later).

But then it stuck me, hey they just have to check if there had been any recent sexual activity - she's supposed to have been away from her husband for a real long time - just that.  Sounded simple.

Sounded like the Fountain Pen Vs Pencil in the relative lesser gravity of the moon.

I really have no idea what the point of this discussion is! I am sorry.  :(  :P


vrraghy said...

first of all, thnx for remindin me of these topics :)
long time since i read the book...!
and havin lost myself n this stupid B.Tech, im not able to conc on my interests...! :(
but happy that at least u are...! :)

so there was the concept of the need to test virginity...
-meaning, the man u were referring to was adhering to monogamy
-so, the ppl then must've had the knowledge of STD's...
and may be the treatments as well...!

wow..! these r always fascinating...! :)

ujwala said...

ya, but

1)It is not about the awareness about STD or it's treatments, that we can be happy about here and

2)We are not talking about testing virginity, it is about testing for infidelity/adultery...

but yes, fascinating topic... :)

vrraghy said...

ya...! :)
but i've always wondered...
why Rama asked Sita to step on fire to show her chastity...
i mean, wat does fire signify scientifically...?
bcoz fire destroys minute bactria...? :)

ujwala said...

I guess fire is more of a metaphor...

vrraghy said...

maybe...! but i stil wonder they wanted to test...!
meaning, they knew that mere physical signs are not sufficient to state the chastity, so they went for some higher form of examination or somethin lik that...