Friday, October 30, 2009

A rhyme or jingle?!!

still blue...
a sad hue
donno wat to do
no no ... no clue

a dull view
all rue
don know who to sue
life's a long queue
sometime's u have to subdue
for u have to pay ur due

wait now
i gotta go to the loo ;P

bk to take it from the cue
ma handwriting, pls don mind, is a wretched skew

oh don put on a face like u've got the flu
now lets be happy for a while and mew

la la lallalla
la la lallalla
la la lallalla
la la laa lal laa lal laa


PS: lol.... just wrote it wen I asked a frnd "still blue?"... ;P ;P  I know its silly but tht is the point, isn't it? ;P
And if anyone's interested you could clarify ma doubt xpressed in the title... :) I donno how one can mew a la la la... well it rhymes... :) ;)


Leonhart said...
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Leonhart said...

damnn,'s gotta nice ring to it....sema sema..lolzz

Rukmani said...

This kind of writing you should pursue :)

ujwala said...

@rukmani... lol... :)

@leon... :P

Vikas Jain said...

what was that... another form of urs..nice variation of writting..though it didnt impress me much..

YES for SHATHEESH said...

hahha...damn funny da..
write more.. iam ready 2 moor..
write more fun..i neva shun..
wait now..gonna bite bun..
awesome da.. ;)